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Overview of a complete set of dry batch concrete plant: Time-sharing mainly produces 10 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 40 tons and other models. The drying part can usually be optimized according to the size of the site, and coal, biomass fuel, natural gas and other energy sources can be used as needed. The river sand is dried in the form of a three-pass drying structure, which has a high energy consumption utilization rate. The main building adopts a tower structure. The powder silo, additive silo, etc. are installed on the top of the main building, and the metering layer, mixer layer, finished product warehouse, control room, bulk machine and packaging machine are installed from top to bottom. According to the formula requirements of the mortar, after the computer measures the precise composition, the main body can be stirred to produce the required ordinary dry mortar immediately. Most special mortars can also be produced according to recipes. The whole process adopts automatic operation. (1) Energy-saving and efficient drying system: 1. The process layout is reasonable, the structure is compact, and various combustion furnaces can be flexibly configured. 2. It adopts three drying cylinder structure, high thermal efficiency and small floor space. 3. All kinds of motors and fans adopt domestic well-known brands, which are reliable in operation. 4. The high-power motor adopts frequency conversion control with low energy consumption. 5. The system adopts interlocking control technology to monitor temperature, speed, current, etc. in real time (1) Reliable and meticulous dust removal system: The dust removal system is an essential process configuration in the mortar production line. According to the different technical requirements and characteristics of the dry powder mortar production configuration process, Wolff is equipped with various types of dust collectors in the dust-prone parts to ensure that all powders can be sealed. Operating in the environment to reduce environmental pollution, dust emissions meet the requirements of national environmental protection standards, improve working conditions, and increase the recycling rate of raw materials. (2) High-performance hybrid power system: The mixing and mixing system is the most critical part in the production of dry-mix mortar, and it is also the "heart" of the factory. Wolf's dry-mix mortar production is fully equipped with internationally renowned mixers. Maximum mixing uniformity Best mixing time Excellent repeatability/low maintenance rate It can be equipped with a high-speed flying knife, and the blade can be opened according to working conditions to achieve the mixing and dispersion of fibers and pigments. (3) Exquisite and reliable metering and batching system Accuracy and high measurement efficiency are critical to the product. For particles and raw materials with poor fluidity, the use of a proprietary measurement system can achieve fast and accurate automatic measurement. The measurement system is mainly divided into two parts: raw material measurement and blending measurement. (4) Reliable gas delivery system can be used for admixture or superfine powder Complete powder conveying equipment After storing the powder in the transfer box, transport the powder to the designated powder box through Roots blower, star feed valve, ball valve, etc. A special structure is adopted at the bifurcation of the pipeline to ensure that there is no mixing phenomenon when conveying different powders. Each powder storage bin is equipped with a bag-type pulse dust collector, an explosion-proof safety valve, and the height of the material is marked to ensure the environment and safety. (5) Convenient packaging system The system consists of packaging machine, screw conveyor, packaging finished product warehouse, dust collector, belt conveyor, etc. Technical requirements: packaging measurement accuracy

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